IOHK Highlights Current Problems with Alonzo Testnet

2 min readJul 4, 2021


For Cardano and its leadership, 2021 has been a pivotal year. Cardano, the fifth-largest coin in the market, made news after successfully releasing the first-ever Plutus smart contract on its Alonzo testnet following a period of consolidation.

Tim Harrison, IOHK’s Marketing Director, launched up a recent live conversation on IOHK’s YouTube channel, along with Nigel Hemsley, Kevin Hammond, and Dimitris Poulopoulos, to showcase the ecosystem’s latest updates. According to Kevin Hammond, IOHK’s technology manager, “the transition between Alonzo Blue to Alonzo White is scheduled for the coming week as the team initiated basic network functionalities, as well as the initial distribution of ADA to stakepool operators.”

He added, ““At this stage of rolling out Alonzo, we don’t have all the core support mechanisms yet, even Plutus backend for that matter.” “It can be as simple as a transaction the returns a ‘Hello world’ or confirmation of a payment that has been made. This means we have Alonzo running smart contract.”

The same was said again in a recent report that provided a status update. “The team continued working on the Alonzo node and deployed the first “Hello, world” script. They are also reducing the use of row-types in Plutus contracts, and are working on the replacement of Eventful with Beam.” Nigel Hemsley, the delivery head, went on to explain another essential part of the change. Alonzo White is expected to start in July, according to Helmsley. However, in order for this to work, the company must ensure that its partners and pioneers are able to complete their scripts, he noted.

“As soon as they can prove that they can send, validate, and chain run, then we are ready to go.”

“As we move into White, we’ll do it into steps that will incorporate the release of the new release of the node and an enhanced CLI with functionality in it that enabled people to calculate the execution unit needed automatically as well other functionalities that will enable users to develop advance applications.”

In addition, the Faucet must be used to test data funds for Alonzo White people before it is fully implemented.

Alonzo Purple, Alonzo Red, and Alonzo Black will follow Blue and White on the anticipated roadmap before the HFC event in the final month of Q3 2021.





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