Cardano Founder is Planning to Visit El Salvador and convince Politicians of Cardano

2 min readJun 26, 2021

Charles Hoskinson, the developer of Cardano, has shared his thoughts on the project’s potential in El Salvador. Cardano Founder is optimistic about the future of Cardano in El Salvador, but says the situation will become clear in the following two to three weeks.

Cardano previously worked closely with the Ethiopian government to promote and strengthen the country’s education system. Cardano announced a cooperation with Tanzania as the second significant partnership. Communities in Tanzania now have digital IDs, mobile internet connections, and financial acceptance thanks to IOHK and World Mobile.

The founder of Cardano is continually seeking for ways to improve and form collaborations. He is one of the most active founders, always posting to Twitter and YouTube, interacting with their audience, and announcing developments.

Cardano meets with officials in El Salvador, according to Hoskinson’s recent AMA, and a meeting with Nayib Bukele is also possible. Any thoughts on El Salvador, as a question? Is there any ADA communication with the country?

Hoskinson replied:

“Yes, we have been in talks with some officials and parties of El Salvador, and I may do a state visit, sent all the documentation and request for that, to meet the president. We have talked to a few people in that orbit, and they have expressed their interest in digitizing the country and going beyond just legalizing Bitcoin. We would have a better sense in probably the next two to four weeks. If it is a proper state visit, I will have a suit made, look pretty and go over to have some fun.”

It would be huge for Cardano and its ecosystem if such a visit by Cardano’s enthusiastic leader became official and resulted in a partnership with El Salvador. El Salvador, on the other hand, is being chastised by the IMF and the World Bank as a result of its recent decision to make Bitcoin official tender. As a result, El Salvador’s top management may find it difficult to make a new arrangement with any altcoin.





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